The Alien’s Heart

Straight to business, this is the storyline :

Something terrible has happened, an Alien ship has exploded while transiting over earth. By the looks of it, nothing looks to be left alive. Wait a minute.. except for a pumping heart. This is the most complicated heart I’ve ever seen. Looks like it runs on 4 different kinds of blood. Hmm, Colorful!

How am I going to keep it alive ?  What should I do ? How should I pump in the blood ?

<Storyline to be continued in future blogposts>

The Alien’s Heart is a casual what’s-your-best-score type of game with fast paced, immersive gameplay. Your objective is to keep the Alien’s heart pumping (aka alive) for as much time as possible. As you already saw from the storyline, the heart runs on 4 different types of blood and you have – take a guess – pump in and out the right blood at the right time.

Who’s going to guide you ?

Stay tuned.

The Indiean