Devlog 29-March-21

As a part of my agenda, one of the items is to build small scale games. This is to go through an entire cycle of game development, get feedback, improve my skills and the game.

Do not think about money, yet.

So I’ve decided to launch a game a month, the first one to be completed by 25th April.

Here goes the outline for the first one


Snake with Match-3 mechanic.

Classic SnakeColor Snake with Match 3
Goal is to make snake longer, and not hit edges or the snake itselfGoal is to make snake shorter and eventually disappear, in shortest amount of time
Snake collects same colored pellets and grows longerSnake collects same colored pellets, when 3 continuous pellets are of same color, they disappear in match-3 style and snake gets shorter
4 way movement – triggered by the user4 way movement – triggered by the user
Snake speed is constantSnake speed increases as level progresses

I have no idea if it’s fun. But its a good opportunity to try something new!

High level plan

  1. Get a normal snake game to work on Unity3d. Loads of resources online
  2. Implement the match 3 logic and the gameplay as described above

Unknowns (as of now)

  1. Is it going to be a levels game or a high scoring game ?

A simple animation I created on Figma tool is shown in below tweet!

A complete assessment of what could make the game fun is yet to be done!

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